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"Create Generational Wealth & Enjoy Priceless Family Memories
With Your Own Airbnb Cabin!

"Create Generational Wealth &
Enjoy Priceless Family Memories
With Your Own Airbnb Cabin!

See If Owning An Airbnb Cabin Is Right For You...Even If:

  • You don't have a ton of extra cash: I'll go over the different ways to purchase a property that may not require you to come out of pocket at all. 
  • You think it's a bad time to buy: Don't trust everything you hear on the news, this is the greatest purchasing of homes in history and YOU don't want to be the one left out! 
  • You aren't sure that Airbnb is right for you: Cashing-in on Airbnb is as simple as following my proven system that's' afforded my family a portfolio of beautiful cabins. You don't want to miss this. 
  • You have lots of questions: Don't worry, I show my entire process and leave no stone unturned. I've been an Airbnb Superhost for 4 years and have done every single step several times, so you'll be saving a ton of time following my lead! 

Your Instructor: 5-Time Superhost, Dana Derricks

It started with one cabin. I took a gamble to buy a cabin for my family to enjoy and 'hoped' that someone would book it on Airbnb. Three years later, I'm a 5-Time Superhost with a portfolio of 3 cabins (going on 4) that have replaced my full time income and that are altogether worth $1,570,000.

This is your ticket to freedom from relying on an income from something you may not enjoy.

Freedom from letting your money sit and rot in a bank. Freedom from watching others around you accumulate all the wealth. Freedom from having to pay a fortune for family vacations.

See you inside. 

-Dana Derricks
Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, Philanthropist, Husband & Dad

Russell Brunson
Husband & Dad of 6, Business Owner, Boise, Idaho
"Dana's one of the best I've ever seen..."

Wife & Mom, Phoenix, Arizona
“Take back the power and money in your life with a proven system. Dana lays it all out..."

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